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If you want me take the chance try love out loud
As I drift through the sky
Shooting cupid's arrow you just might try
So don't miss baby, take your time
You only got one chance..
Wreck less Love

Until the killing of black men, black mother’s sons becomes as important to the rest of the country as the killing of a white woman’s son, we who believe in freedom cannot rest until this happens. -

Ella Baker

Godmother of SNCC

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you don’t understand how sad this is. each adult is a cross, and each child has been crucified by said cross. 

  • the priest (i assume he’s a priest, correct me if i’m wrong) killed the little boy in one way or another, probably rape, which is common among corrupted clergy men. 
  • the tourist comes to an overcrowded, poverty stricken country, taking up any and all resources that could have gone to the little native girl
  • the soldier comes to fight for his country, but ends up killing the innocent girl, probably in her village.
  • the little boy dies under the doctor’s knife
  • the man kills the little girl in a school shooting (represented with the uniform)
  • the “fat” kid is killed by obesity caused by a fast food epidemic in america, most commonly mcdonald’s, shown by ronald mcdonald himself. 

this is /haunting/ to look at. children can die at anyone’s hand. even the “heros”

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James Blake - Retrograde


Banks - “Fall Over”



Detangling day; we meet again

Omg! I want this in my house!

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seriously love this instrumental, saxaphone in the ending just tops it off